FourFourMillionaire Casino has closed the door on its UK gaming operation

The online casino, owned by the FourFourTwenty online gambling company, has closed its doors after a “disgraceful” day in which the company was forced to issue a public apology for “shameful behaviour” towards its customers.

The company said it would be ending its partnership with its parent company, SkyBet, over the issue, which involved the sale of a small number of the games it owned to another online gambling service, Casinoshare.

It said that its customers had been treated poorly by the company.

“This is a shocking and disgraceful behaviour which has been wholly unacceptable and we will be working with the regulators to make sure that this does not happen again,” said the statement from FourFourFive.

The decision was made by a board of directors at FourFourThree, which is chaired by casino operator Five Guys, in an internal meeting held on Thursday.

FourFourOne said that it had received a number of calls from customers expressing disappointment at the decision, with some of them being so upset they would not be able to play online with their friends.

“We understand and apologise unreservedly to those who have suffered or experienced this and to those of you who have made the difficult decision to close your account,” it said.

“We also apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused to you.”

The company said that the decision to end the deal would not affect its operations, and that it would continue to invest in the business, which will continue to focus on online gaming.

Casinoshare said that while it was disappointed that FourFour One had taken this decision, it would “look at the evidence in the light most favourable to us”.

The company had been unable to confirm whether the decision was linked to the issue with the SkyBet deal, and declined to comment further.

FourFourOne also said that despite the decision not to proceed with the sale, it was committed to ensuring that the company’s customer service team would be trained to handle any issues that arose with the gaming service.

“It is our understanding that these issues have been resolved and that the service has been operating without interruption,” it added.

“If any further problems arise in the future, the team will be fully trained to deal with them.”

Casinoshipshare continues to work with the industry to support our customers in their pursuit of a high quality, high-value online experience.

“FourFourSeven has contacted FourFourNine for comment.

A spokeswoman for Five Guys said that she could not comment on individual issues, but said that her company was “shocked” by the events of the day.”

FourFourThree’s board of governors voted unanimously to close the FourTwo webstore on Wednesday.

This was not in response to any specific allegation, but rather was made as part of the company-wide efforts to address customer service issues and enhance the customer experience.

“As a company, we take these matters extremely seriously and are working to provide the best possible service to our customers.

We will continue working with regulators to ensure that we are held to the highest standards and continue to ensure the safe operation of our casino.”


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