Start by finding out what you want 2.

Choose the best car for you and what you can afford 3.

Make an appointment with the local car dealer 4.

Take the test to see what you think 5.

Make a payment with your credit card 6.

Wait for your car to arrive 7.

Check out the car online 8.

Pay for the car using your credit cards and your debit card 9.

You can then start the car buying process 10.

It might take you some time, but once you get your car, you will never go back to shopping with a friend again 11.

Get the best price for your new car 12.

Find a good dealer for your desired car 13.

Find the right car for your budget 14.

Save money and make it easier to buy your next car 15.

Start saving now!


Check your balance with a card 17.

If you have a balance, you can use it for other purchases 18.

Save on your gas bill 19.

Find out what car insurance is offered in your area 20.

Make sure you get the right financing to get the car you want 21.

Learn about financing options for your credit and debit cards 22.

Compare quotes online 23.

Start a free trial of a new vehicle 24.

Go to a dealer and see if they have the right fit 25.

Get quotes online 26.

Get advice on financing options 27.

Check on your payments with a credit card 28.

If the financing is not right, take your car back 29.

Keep checking your credit score 30.

If things are looking good, you might be able to buy more than you planned 31.

Be careful when you start shopping with friends 32.

Keep a close eye on your credit 30.

Talk to your bank 33.

Talk with your bank about credit card fees 34.

Check the credit scores of your friends 35.

Keep in touch with your friends to make sure they get their money back 36.

Make arrangements to have your credit checked by a credit bureau 37.

Check up on your loan payments 38.

Make your credit report public 39.

Contact your credit bureau to see if you have issues 40.

Check with your insurance company to see how much you can borrow 41.

Check if you are eligible for a discount on your car insurance 42.

If your insurance isn’t on the market, call your insurer to find out if it is 43.

Keep an eye on the news on your phone and Facebook to see who has posted the latest news about your insurance 44.

Check back to see whether the news is coming through on your Facebook newsfeed 45.

If something goes wrong with your car and you want to go back, you may need to take it to a dealership instead 46.

Take a ride with your friend 47.

Find your local car rental agency 48.

Find local car dealerships in your city 49.

Find car rental agencies in your state 50.

Go car shopping with your buddies 51.

Make some changes to your credit plan 52.

Check for new credit cards 53.

Check credit scores 54.

Take time to think about your savings and credit options 55.

If there are any changes you need to make, call a credit counselor to find a way to make them 56.

Check current interest rates and fees 57.

Check auto loan interest rates 58.

Contact credit counselors for any questions 59.

Find an insurance company 60.

Ask your insurance agent about any outstanding loans 61.

Get a quote online 62.

Check a credit report 63.

Check car loans for a new or used car 64.

Find online credit counseling programs 65.

Contact a credit advisor or consumer advocacy group for help in making your credit decisions 66.

Check interest rates online 67.

Contact auto lenders to see the terms of any loans 68.

Check monthly auto payments 69.

Read your credit agreement 70.

Compare auto loan rates and interest rates 71.

Check that you are covered by your auto loan plan 72.

Find insurance companies 73.

Compare insurance rates with other loans 74.

Check whether your auto insurance is included in your insurance coverage 75.

If possible, contact your insurer 76.

Check how much interest you can pay for your loan 77.

Call your insurer if you cannot afford to pay your car 78.

Ask about auto insurance coverage 79.

Ask if you can qualify for an extra credit card or loan to pay for repairs or maintenance on your vehicle 80.

Call an auto dealer to see a free car loan program 81.

Call auto lenders for a loan to get your vehicle to a friend 82.

Call a credit counseling center for help with a loan 83.

Find loan counselors 84.

Ask credit counselors if you want a free quote for repairs 85.

Ask a credit agency if they are offering a loan program 86.

Get help from an attorney or financial advisor for debt relief 87.

Get information on insurance companies 88.

Contact an insurance broker to find your insurance plan 89.

Talk about car insurance 90. Check


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