The world’s most powerful search engine is making an early push into the e-commerce space, offering a way for people to buy goods from a range of online retailers including Amazon, Walmart and Target.

The move could boost Google’s e-book sales as it tries to capture an increasing share of the $60 billion online market.

“Our goal is to make e-books a reality by 2020,” said Andy Cohen, Google’s vice president of global e-reader and developer tools.

“That’s why we are investing in Amazon Kindle Unlimited, Google Play, and other publishers and we’re also investing in a few of the largest online retailers, like Walmart and Amazon.”

“We have a really exciting opportunity to partner with these amazing companies,” said Andrew Smith, chief executive of

“I think the people of the world will start to understand why this is a really compelling and important partnership.”

The partnership with Amazon has drawn some scrutiny because of the company’s ebooks policy.

Amazon does not allow its e-readers to be sold at bookstores, and it’s not allowed to sell books for free through its website.

But Cohen said Google is willing to do more to help publishers sell their e-reading devices and services.

“We’re committed to helping publishers sell these devices and other services,” Cohen said.

“And we think that the more people we get in there with, the better off they are.”

Google has a long history in e-sales.

In its first year of operations, the search giant sold $5 billion worth of e-textbooks, including some from publishers like HarperCollins, HarperCollins Publishers, Simon & Schuster and Simon & Garfunkel.

That’s a fraction of what the search engine sells for books.

But it has made a huge impact on the industry.

It’s also a significant investment in the online retail market, which is now worth about $600 billion. has more than 500 million members and offers e-services like Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Books.

Its Kindle e-stores also have a huge audience.

But the company has not offered e-Books as an option for customers to purchase through Amazon.

“If you buy something from us, we get paid,” said David Lassiter, vice president and general manager of Amazon e-store marketing.

“We also get paid royalties.

So the majority of our revenue is from Amazon.

And we’re committed not to sell Amazon products, even if they’re cheaper than what we sell.”

A huge leap forwardA few years ago, the webstore auctioning company auctioned a series of ebooks from Amazon to raise $1 million.

Amazon said it used the proceeds to buy a new printer and more than $1 billion in technology to produce more books for its ebooks section.

Amazon has been working with publishers to make the process more efficient.

For the past two years, Google has been building a new platform for e-selling, called the Google Shopping Assistant.

The company has launched its own e-retailer, Amazon Prime Video, and recently launched the Kindle Store.

The two companies have a close relationship, with Google helping with Amazon’s advertising, and they’ve been working together to make Google Shopping easier for customers.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for publishers to get access to some of the most powerful tools they can possibly have in ecommerce,” Cohen told The Washington Post in an interview earlier this year.

“It’s also an opportunity for Google to give publishers the best possible experience in eselling.”

A growing marketThe search engine also has a major presence in ebooks, which makes it a natural fit for a company like Amazon.

The search giant’s Kindle books and e-music sales have tripled in the past decade.

Google’s $6.6 billion Kindle business, which includes Amazon’s Kindle apps, sells more than 1.6 million titles each month, according to comScore data.

Amazon, which has a $5.7 billion e-resale business, has more Kindle books sold than any other e-seller.

And Amazon is the only e-sellers with a direct connection to the Web store, a crucial element of Google Shopping.

The Web store is part of the network of sites, allowing users to buy items on Amazon’s website.

And the Kindle store has an enormous customer base.

“Google is a big customer of the Kindle,” Smith said.

“There are thousands of thousands of people that have purchased Kindle books through the Kindle eShop,” said Jason Wiederman, executive director of Kindle Books, a publisher that makes ebooks for Amazon.

“So it’s a real asset for Google.”

Amazon’s Kindle Books store has more subscribers than Barnes & Noble’s or Borders.

But Google also has more direct relationships with publishers than any of them.

For example, Amazon has partnered with Penguin Random House to sell its books on the Kindle.

The online retailer also has deals with Penguin and Simon and Schuster


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