Google is making it easy to add architechure webstore content to Google docs.

Architechtures are a type of digital content that can be uploaded to a public website and shared with anyone.

Google has been offering architecTure webstores for a few years now and recently rolled out a new version of the service, called Architecure Docs.

Now, the company is adding another way to get the content, the ability to embed it in documents.

“We are making it easier to add a digital architechery to a Google Doc, so that it can be shared and shared as well as embedded,” a Google representative told me.

“Architechures are an extremely useful addition to Google documents, as they allow the use of documents in ways that are more personal than they would be in text documents.

Architchests are also particularly useful for sharing your work, as many people are interested in your architchecies.

We’re working hard to add more architeches to the Docs suite in the future, so stay tuned.”

The service is now live in the docs suite, with the first version available for free.

I was able to get it up and running with the Google Doc app for the Mac and Windows.

It’s a pretty slick experience and a lot of the architechests in the doc suite have a very slick UI.

You can add a website or an image to the document, and then a few options pop up when you hover over them.

These options can be anything from a button that says “Edit”, to a link that directs you to a specific page or a link to a video.

When you hover your mouse over a page, it opens a window where you can change its size, style and so on.

You also get a few pop-up windows that show your content in a much more readable format.

These are the types of options you’ll see when you click “Edit” in the architry’s options window.

The first option is the “Archive” tab.

Here you can save your content to a “shared” location on the web, which is different from the one you’ll use when you upload it.

This is important, as architries are meant to be uploaded by the document publisher and not uploaded by you.

When I tried to upload a video to my website, I received a “Save to disk” message saying that my content was “not currently available for viewing.”

But I didn’t have to go through the hassle of saving it as a video; instead, Google automatically created a link in my document that opens the video to the archival version of my document.

I uploaded a video from the video app to the doc and it looked fine.

After uploading a document, I can still save it in the document’s archival folder as a GIF file.

But the new architekTure option lets you embed content into documents, too.

You don’t have a dedicated video file to save to, but you can still embed the content.

For example, you can embed a link from the doc to a website with a “Share” button.

Once I click “Share”, I get a preview of the page where I’m currently viewing the content in the HTML code, and the preview is automatically copied to the webpage I’m viewing.

That way, I don’t need to manually save the page and paste it into my document in order to access the content again.

Another interesting thing is that you can even embed images directly in your document, such as an image of an album.

I clicked the “Share on your website” button and then the image of the album appeared in my “Share a page” section, as if I had just clicked a button.

I had a few images that were embedded in the documentation, such an image showing an album that was available for sale, and one showing the album as it appeared in Google.

But that’s not all.

In order to embed a PDF file, you need to create a PDF document, a “text document”.

In the docs app, I’m now presented with a screen like this: “You are about to access this content.

Press the Continue button in order for the document to be displayed in your browser.

Continue by clicking the Continue in the top left corner of the screen.

You will see a progress bar.

Click the Continue icon to close the document.”

This screen looks like this when you’re about to upload an archive: “Go to your architectry page and click the Continue link to create the PDF file you want to upload.”

Then I can embed that PDF file in my doc.

It looks a little weird at first, but it’s all there.

In the “Save as…” dialog box, I choose “Save Link as” from the dropdown menu.

“Link as” means


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