Shopify, the online shop giant, has started offering a ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ offer to users who have registered their online shop and want to buy something from it.

This comes after several months of controversy over a scheme where the company would provide freebies to users that signed up for its paid-for shopping site, B&H.

A new ‘Buy-One-Get-One’ offer, which lets people shop from their own site, will be available on Monday for those with a Shopify account, and will be open to any B&h user who wants to get the offer.

This is in response to a petition that had over 2,500 signatures from users calling on Shopify to change its strategy.

The petition called on the company to make changes, which it did in October.

Shopify said the new policy will help the company grow its user base and boost the value of its products, which have grown over the past year, according to a statement.

The company said it is working closely with B&H to ensure that all B& h users who sign up for the new offer will be given the same discount as they get on Shop, the statement said.

It said that Shopify is working with the B& hau, who is working to ensure a smooth transition for all users, as well as with all retailers and vendors.

In an effort to make its platform more appealing, Shopify has created a Shop page in the Shopify app that will give users the opportunity to purchase the new ‘Get One,Get One Free Offer’ at the checkout screen.

It will also offer them the option to enter their username into the offer, allowing them to use their login details to purchase products and services.

The new policy is expected to increase revenue for Shopify in the short term, and also help to attract new customers, said Martz Webstore, the company’s webstore owner.

“This is an opportunity for the Shop, and it’s also an opportunity to help drive the growth of the Shop and make it more attractive to our loyal and growing customers,” said Marts’ VP of marketing, Andrew McKeever.

“I think it’s going to be a huge boost for the company in the long run.”

“We believe that the Shop has tremendous potential to grow its product offerings, as it continues to expand its userbase, and to drive more value for its customers, but we also believe that this new policy by Shopify can help drive a much needed change in the way we do business,” he added.

“This is a great example of how we are addressing the needs of our loyal customers and driving increased brand recognition for our brands.”

The company has been criticised for its failure to deliver a viable product and its refusal to pay for its services, leading to its stock price falling by more than 50 per cent since the start of the year.

Its stock price has since recovered to more than $1.25.

The online retailer has also been embroiled in a series of legal proceedings, including one over a controversial payment system used to track customers’ purchases.

The case is expected in a U.S. federal court in Washington in the coming weeks.


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