German web retailer kaneland has partnered with Google to offer shoppers the opportunity to order online from the home depot’s web store, making it easier for shoppers to find and shop for products.

“We have been working with Google and we’re excited to bring our store to their platform,” said CEO Stefan Ritter.

“In addition to making shopping in Google-powered shopping experiences easier, we want to make the kaneland experience even better for our customers.”

A search for products on the kanland web store results in results like this: “This product is no longer available in the store.”

The results are shown below.

Kaneland says that it will continue to develop its own shopping experience, but says that customers can now order from the store by clicking the “Search” button.

Customers can also purchase products through the store directly.

It’s unclear whether customers will have to wait until the end of this year to get the new shopping experience.

In addition to a new shopping app and an updated website, Kaneland has also started offering “sales support” to customers.

For example, customers can receive a refund if they order from a kaneland site that they do not have access to.

“The support of the sales team is vital to make sure that our customers get the best price possible,” Ritter said.

Kanland customers will also be able to access its shopping cart on Google Play for free.

Customers with the new Google Play store can now access the new product search and can also order products on Google Plus.

It also appears that the app has expanded to support other shopping apps like Paypal.

This news comes just a week after Google announced plans to launch an Android app in Germany.

“Our new Android app will allow people to make and save payments in Germany as well as the U.S.,” said a Google spokesperson.

“It will also bring Google Shopping to our German customers and bring the new mobile payment technology to consumers around the world.”

Google said that it expects the new app to be available in Germany by the end the end


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