Israel’s chief rabbi has said that he is concerned about rising prices on coffee products and that he wants to know if any of the country’s top coffee retailers are willing to accept lower prices.

“I am not here to say that coffee prices have not gone up, but if they are going to lower prices, I am here,” said Rabbi Dovid Katz, head of the Conservative Movement in Israel, in an interview with The Jerusalem Report.

“It is not an easy thing for us, as consumers, to accept.”

He added that he would ask the head of any coffee retailer if they would consider lowering their prices and said he wanted to know whether they were willing to do so.

“If they do it, then we will definitely ask them to lower their prices,” Katz said.

The chief rabbi also said he was “very concerned” about the impact on the economy of coffee prices, which he called “the main cause” of Israeli economic difficulties.

“The price of coffee is the main cause of the problem, and we need to solve it as quickly as possible,” he said.

“I want to know what are their intentions, whether they have any plans for a lower price.

We are in a very difficult situation.”

The chief rabbis office in Israel reported that coffee consumption has increased in the country by more than 60 percent since 2010, with more than 1 billion Israelis drinking coffee each day.

According to the chief rabbinate, Israeli coffee consumption in the first half of 2019 was estimated at 2.9 billion coffee cups.

But it is not the only problem in Israel.

The country’s food security is also being challenged by the countrys coffee industry.

According to the government’s Food and Agriculture Ministry, Israeli agriculture is struggling with the impact of the global coffee crisis, with prices on imported coffee increasing more than 500 percent since 2016, the worst drought since the Dust Bowl.

The government has said it will invest $2 billion in coffee plantations in 2019 to make the sector more resilient to global demand.

The move is part of efforts to help Israel maintain a stable agricultural economy.


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